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Easy Parts Search and order

Why buy an expensive new component as a cheap, used product is available? Peter van de Laar has for almost every car model, good but used parts in stock. Each checked for quality, performance and damage. All these components are systematically stored in our 110.000m3 large warehouse and in our online database. We give on almost everypart our warranty. This does not apply to electronic parts.

You can find and order your part simply through the online catalog. First select the brand and model which you are looking for. Then fill in the online order form and your order is fulfilled. We will contact you as soon as possible to complete your order and delivery.Of course you can also buy the parts at our desk or by phone.

The parts we can optionally install for you or send to you against an additional fee.

Is the item you are looking for not  in our system? Please contact us. Perhaps we have a car disassembly with the part.

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